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Adriance Degroff

Adriance de Groff has been sculpting and painting for over twenty five years. The daughter of a highly creative, artistic mother and a well-known designer father, she was exposed to fine art, craft and design in many forms. “It is from this background that I have emerged with my paint brush.”

Primarily influenced by realism, she favors the works of two great British animal portrait painters – George Stubbs and Sir Edwin Landseer. The animal portraits that she specializes in reflect the unique 19th and 20th century styles. A member of the Heritage Breeds Conservancy and the American Livestock Breeds Conservancy, De Groff is particularly interested in endangered domestic stock. Many of her paintings are of very rare barnyard animals in bucolic pastoral scenes. As traditional as she is, however, lately Adriance has had a more esoteric way of working that is spiritually driven. She is enchanted with mystical animals from myth and folklore, and the idea of them being revered as magical creatures with powers. The animals are taken out of their natural environment and brought into a more human world, giving the work a totally different affect. When these beings surfaced on her canvas the paintings changed from landscapes with animals to portraits; and with this renaissance of style came the addition of goddesses, divas and sprites of the wood, garden and water. From Madonna-esque women with vines growing in their hair to her own version of Venus, the work was morphing and leading her down a path where she was compelled to paint her animal spirits with a human confidante in a timeless style. They are familiar and simultaneously haunting and comforting.

My new work weaves a line between fantasy and reality, some is pure fantasy and some just wishful thinking. I love romance, mystery, and all things mystical, and like to explore the ideas of youth, beauty, loneliness, power, fragility, vulnerability, darkness and light. I have combined my love of animals, jewelry, dresses, crowns, lace, wrought iron, flowers, the ocean and the wind into imagery that tells a mysterious story. We all wander the moors in white dresses don’t we? We all love a good story, a great romance, and a beautiful ending . We never tire of fairy tales no matter what our age – they are the beginnings of our dreams.

* Adriance accepts commission work, please feel free to inquire.
“Asking me why I paint is like asking why the ocean does what it does. It is what I am *designed* to do. It is an innate passion and I cannot stop.”




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