Artists » Eleanor Miller

My paintings express a passion for nature – its power, beauty and fragility. I look for a story in the life of forms and the order and chaos that sustains the balance of life. This work is inspired by personal concern and love for the natural world, and my connection to it. Animals, fields, ponds and deep woods are part of my visual landscape. From the macro to the micro, I look for novelty and the divine spirit of that which appears before me.

Today’s fragile landscape, its history, and all that depend upon it are significant in my paintings. The powerful yet vulnerable life nurtured by the landscape is the focus. Landscapes are painted loosely with the essence of earth/sky melting into one. There is a sense of the ever changing world, seen sometimes as apocalyptic, falling apart yet together as one entity. Floating botanicals, dying and re-emerging, unite in space. With this visual vocabulary I am documenting the existence of animals, botanical life, with respect to how everything is connected, physically and spiritually. Subtle images of mandalas, orbs and halos float within the surface of a picture. Even the smallest elements are significant and can be depicted to personify the essential nature of our being. I venture to bring out an awareness of what is precious and perhaps elicit compassion for the wilderness and all that is within.

My medium is oil on canvas. Surface and what is exposed through the surface are concerns of my process. It is an exploration to see what will evolve from start to finish. A painting should hold the viewers interest from a distance and close up, expose surprises, similar to a walk in the woods. A painting tells a story of images and is about the paint itself. Making the work serves that function and must show the human presence of making. There is the fundamental technicality of the making as well as spontaneity and happy accidents. I combine the representational imagery with modern mark making, bringing together two worlds of thought. Abstract forms mingle with realism creating a juxtaposition shape and form.

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