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Ted Keller

Watercolorist Ted Keller has taught art courses for the University of Maine for twenty years. Formerly a sculptor and clay artist, Ted spends most of his time painting now. His images are loose, rich in color, and full of life and humor.  The subject matter varies, but most of the paintings are about people in interesting environments. Some scenes are representative of a real place, others are imaginative. Ted says that he feels enormous love for the people he paints. He wants the viewer to understand that though his work can appear caricature-ish, he is absolutely showing reverence for his subjects.

“I started out painting outside in Maine. Now I work mostly in the studio. I put together paintings from pictures I have taken. I choose not to copy photos, but instead use parts of them; putting the parts together to create my own unique but familiar places and characters.  The subject matter are mostly ordinary scenes and people. The images are full of familiar things, poles and wires, street signs, cars and trucks, humans, and anything else that happens to be there.  I believe the sacred is found in the ordinary.”

“As you look at my painting, here are a few thoughts that might help. Watercolor is a very direct painting medium. It does not reward a lot of revision. There are rarely pencil lines in these works. Watercolors are quieter on the wall than oils, but they are very musical.”

Ted Keller lived in midcoast Maine for over thirty years and has recently moved to Taos, NM. He keeps a house in Union Maine for vacations and painting. Ted has a BFA in ceramics and painting from Syracuse University and an MFA in ceramics from the University of Montana. He can be found on the walls of interesting people worldwide.

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