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Dianne Schelble (American b. 1945 – )received her BA from the University Of Michigan School Of Art at a pivotal time in the 1960’s. Her early career included a successful run in illustration and architectural renderings, but her true love was always painting, and she has consistently made work and studied her craft for over 45 years. Most of her career in fine art was spent painting in watercolor, and she attributes much of her development to Hudson River Valley Art Workshops faculty member and painter Skip Lawrence, with whom she has studied for over 20 years. Her paintings are vibrant works with generously applied paint, creating a unique look in watercolor and gouache resembling, from afar, a palette knife technique. Nearly six years ago, after her mother passed away leaving her a trove of high quality acrylic paint, Dianne switched gears and started painting with acrylic on panels. The resulting paintings really resonated with her, and she didn’t have to separate the viewer from the surface with glass, as with watercolor. However, the appearance of the paintings is consistent with her works on paper – energetic and bold with intriguing light.


“Maine is a most wonderful place to paint, which is the reason it has attracted some of the greatest painters of the past three centuries. The dynamic shapes of sun, shadow and color in buildings and woodland are most inspiring to me. One can’t help but get excited about trying to express these feelings. My goal is to remind the viewer of the beauty that exists in breathing in their environment – something we all tend to overlook in the familiarity of the day to day”.

“The best artistic expressions arise out of the desire to relate the emotion – the feelings – that one has for a person, object or situation. This current group of paintings is an expression of my wonderment and fascination with nature and architecture. My husband Paul and I are gardeners and lovers of the land and nature. This is how I see it.”

Arriving in the state in the 1970’s, long before Maine’s population grew to where it is today, Dianne and her husband Paul built a light filled home in rural Liberty, Maine, where she raised four children. Not unlike the urban escapee homesteaders a generation ahead of her, Dianne’s  space is form and function, cozy and filled with plants and flowers inside and out.  Beautiful works of art and other handmade objects adorn the walls and shelves. Dianne cooks as well as she paints, and a studio visit always comes with lunch that looks as delectable as it tastes. Dianne and Paul continue to live and create in their home in Liberty.

Dianne’s paintings can be found on the walls of many public institutions, and most recently thirteen pieces were purchased for one of the most prestigious law firms in Washington DC. Her work has also recently been acquired by the U.S. State Department’s Art Bank program. Palette Magazine featured Dianne’s work on the cover of their June-July 2013 issue, with a six page spread including 10 images in a feature story called “Gutsy Color- Poetic Light.”

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