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Giggi Gatti is skilled in combining cultivated painting (nineteenth and twentieth century figurative work), medieval frescos, and images from advertising and illustration. His paintings have an uncanny familiarity that is difficult to pinpoint – we have all been there. They possess a nineteenth century folk art feel, but are far more accessible and believable. His brushstrokes are short, slow and deliberate. Nothing happens by accident in these works; they are thoughtful and compelling. Like Modigliani, he outlines his work, but it is much less obvious – it separates his subjects from their environment, which they seem to blend right into. Like faded comic strips, they whisper instead of shout. Gigi’s poetic expression is centered in human solitude and the mysterious charm of existence.

Gigi Gatti was born in Gazzola (Piacenza) Italy in 1955, and continues to live and paint there. After a degree in urban design, he was called to pursue a serious career in painting. He made his debut in 1993 in a collective exhibition at the beloved Protestant Church on Solferino Street in Milan. His first solo exhibition was in 2004 at Donec Capiam Studio Gallery, on del Carmine Street in Milan, which sparked his most recent solo show at the stunning Il Lepre Art Gallery, Piacenza, in 2012. He made his U.S. debut in New York in the same year, with great success and much praise.

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