Ingrid Ellison (American b. 1964 - )

“I am surrounded by shipyards housing old hulls, shells and vestiges of past journeys. Vessels that held lives, fishing nets, tackle and charts, rudders, tillers and sails that have navigated both the rocky coves and the open seas. My art reflects the mood, colors and imagery of the Maine coast. My seascapes do not describe a particular lighthouse on the rocky shore, but my paint marks the flow of the waves as the tide turns pebbles on the shore. The colors of the changing hues of the water and skies most decidedly inform my palette. The patterns discovered in the erosion of the tide or the planking of a wooden hull inform my drawing. My art is in the details of noticing, of observing and then of reflecting back in my studio. I look to the world around me for a muse in the coast and humbly attempt to describe its beauty and meaning in my work.”

Ingrid is a painter and arts instructor working in oil, mixed media and printmaking. Born in Boston, Massachusetts, Ingrid’s earliest memories of Maine were floating aboard a little sloop amidst the fog and rocks of the coastline during family vacations.  Since moving to Maine in 2007 Ingrid has exhibited at the Center for Maine Contemporary Art, Åarhus Gallery and the University of Maine Bangor, and  Carver Hill Gallery.

Ingrid is a graduate of Skidmore College and earned her MFA from American University. As an undergraduate she spent a year studying printmaking at Il Bisonte in Florence, Italy. A consummate learner, Ingrid has participated in residencies and workshops at the Vermont Studio Center, Maine College of Art, and Castle Hill Center for the Arts, most recently studying with painters Deborah Dancy and Joan Snyder.


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