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Jeff Macdonald portrait of the artistJeff Macdonald has been making art full time for about 10 years now. His career was in the music business, but he has been an art collector, appreciator and supporter for years. He studies and experiments with painting and collage, using interesting combinations of acrylic paint and collected textural material. His compositions range from minimalist to complex, while leaving the source of his inspiration ambiguous. “Not being formally trained I’ve come to rely on the spontaneity of not always knowing what I’m doing or why things are happening…and just going with it.”

Jeff’s work has been hedging toward sculpture lately. His paintings present with beautiful forms and pleasing combinations of color that alternately reach and recede creating a feeling of space and dimension. He has become more masterful at using the placement of the shapes and the hue to create the dimension. There is a modernist sensibility about his work that hints at his influences, but it also feels quite current with an exciting palette and clean execution.

Jeff lives and paints full time in Brownville, Maine.


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