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Painter (b. 1945 – )

The daily evolution of composition, color, space, marks et al, continues until some sort of temporary stasis is reached in each painting, which allows me to feel at home and in balance with my own agitation, anxiety, chaos, magic, mystery, and joy.
Jon Gregg

Jon Gregg is a painter’s painter. His trust in the medium is absolute, manifested through patient discovery and revelation, elucidating soulfulness in his paintings. But watching Gregg work can be painful. He puts down a mark, a form appears, and then he scrapes the oil paint away over and over until, for the moment, he’s satisfied. He speaks of his resitance to being “too declarative” with his mark making , and a love of pentimento (where a part of a painting underneath is allowed to show through). What appears to the observer as struggle, for Gregg is play. “Painting is the most fun think I know,” he professes. The result is like Chinese boxes – surprises within surprises,both subtle and illuminated – runes that are fugures and objects embedded in landscapes that feel timeless yet immediate.

Arlene Distler for Art New England. * for a link to the entire article:

I’m trying to paint the truth of the illusion of a separate self, by merging the painting’s protagonist (s) in the middle of the swirling world of marks  representing thought, sensation, experience, light, dark etc. The painting is a search for unity at a fundamental atomic level, with marks, scratches, scrapes, scumbles and stumbles as the atoms or building blocks of the images’ unconscious narrative images ….an atmosphere in which figure and ground are one and the same thing.

“The tension between the formal aplomb of these paintings and their anxious edgy poetry, accounts for their arresting power.”

Robert Berlind,  Art in America

1967  Bachelor of Architecture – Honors, University of Pennsylvania – Philadelphia
1971  Masters of Architecture  –  Honors, University of Pennsylvania ( w/ Louis Kahn ) 

1971 – 1983:  Architect/Builder – Founder/ President Eden Design Associates and Butternut Construction Inc, Eden, VT                                                              
1983 – 2015:  Founder/President VERMONT STUDIO CENTER (VSC ) Johnson, Vermont.
VSC is the largest International Artists and Writers Residency in the United States, hosting 700 artists and writers (60 per month, year round) from across the U.S. and around the world. Jon Gregg designed the VSC Residency Program and designed and renovated 30 buildings in the village of Johnson, Vermont to create the VSC campus.
“If you look at the history of human kind, what we have perpetuated from generation to generation and century to century is in our museums. If you believe that that’s important, then it is necessary to plant the seeds of the next generations’ art.” Jon Gregg on the founding of the Vermont Studio Center 
2016 – to Present:  Founder – WHY BOARDS MATTER
Disciplined studio practice, painting and sketching.
Extensive travel creating sketchbooks.

Lake Placid Arts Center , NY ’89 Vermont Governor’s Gallery ’90
Lyons – Weir Gallery, Chicago ’94 55
Mercer Gallery, New York, NY. ’94, ’96, ’98, ’00, ’02, ’04 VSC
Red Mill Gallery, Johnson, VT.  Yearly 1984 – 2018
Scuola Internazionale di Grafica, Venice, Italy,  ’03, ’05, 07,’10,’12, ’15, ’17 ’18 ’19
 Taller Grafica Actuel, Oaxaca, Mexico ’09  ’14  ’18
 Johnson State College, Johnson, VT ’10  ’14
 The Flynn Center, Burlington, Vermont  ’10
 New York Studio School  2014
Mitchell Giddings Fine Art, Brattleboro, Vermont 2016, 2019

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The Artists Fellowship, New York 2006 
Vermont Governor’s Award 2004
Vermont Arts Council 2004 
Vermont Council on the Arts 1995
The Preservation Trust 1989

Jon lives and works at the Vermont Studio Center  in Johnson, Vermont, with fellow artist and wife Louise Von Weise. He has been a Tibetan Buddhist Practitioner  since 1971. He is a traveler, cyclist, cross country skier and advisor to non profit arts boards . He and Louise have two children and two grandchildren.

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