PHILIPPE GUILLERM (French b. 1951-)



Philippe is a master of form, giving it priority over function in his compelling sculptures. He liberates the soul of his "instruments", adding physical expression to voice. Philippe is a remarkable craftsman - he seems to work the wood effortlessly, as if it were clay. The end result is a piece that appears as fluid as it should sound.


Guillerm’s music-inspired sculptures are whimsical and curvaceous string instruments. He uses this continuous theme as a way of expressing human nature and needs; you may see an instrument, but Philippe sees an attitude. In addition to the musical theme, many of his

sculptures depict sea scenes and animals.  His other works include functional art like "Sculptural-speakers", finely carved furniture, large dimensional wall murals and monumental outdoor pieces. His works reflect dreams, illusions, and reality and invite the viewer to stop and reflect about human nature.


Philippe was born in Paris in 1959, where he continued to live for twenty years. For the last thirty years he traveled around the world on his forty-eight foot sailboat with his wife Jacqueline and their two daughters, Monique and Swanne. He has worked on different art projects across the globe in places such as the Black Pearl Museum in Tahiti, the International airports in Papeete and New Caledonia, and several yacht clubs and restaurants in Brazil and Australia. Most recently Philippe and Jacqueline sailed to the Dominican Republic, Bahamas, and all over the Caribbean creating work from found wood on the beach. He is now summering in coastal Maine.

Philippe's work has been exhibited in galleries in Europe, South America, the Pacific Islands, France, Canada and the United States. His interior designs and murals are in demand due to his clear sense of composition and development of the subject matter. Philippe continues to complete new projects, bringing his audience dreams and inspiration through his art.



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