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Bob Stark portraitRobert (Bob) Stark III was raised on the island of Nantucket, in Massachusetts. He is a full time, second generation painter whose father, Robert Stark Jr, traded the fast paced and hectic life of Wall Street for a slower island life as a career artist and father. Robert, Jr’s subtle seascapes, often punctuated with a red sail on a passing vessel, epitomized this life.

Bob Stark left the island as a teenager to attend The Taft School in Connecticut. He then moved onto Georgetown University where he studied Chinese and Asian culture, as well as Fine Art. Bob continued to refine his craft as a painter, applying his traditional study of Dutch still life painters to his own work.

Bob’s  subject matter are typically flowers, fruits, vegetables and animals – but he has produced many stunning landscapes, as well. His style is trompe L’oeil with a chiaroscuro technique of oil glaze application that creates astounding depth in the work. He often incorporates an insect in his still life works, which is true to the style. The simplicity and strong composition of the work keep the eye focused on the beautifully executed subject and exquisite detail against what could be likened to a Rene Magritte sky.

Stark’s highly effective skill in using paint and varnish to create dimension is exemplary. As of late he is painting some larger scale pieces, but his works are often small gems that are hard to disengage from. His titles are often playful, bringing some levity to his serious take on painting and offering us a taste of Bob’s incredible sense of humor,  intellect and wit.

Robert Stark now resides in Rockland, Maine, with his wife Ariel and two dogs. He continues to paint full time and work on his antique home.

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