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Shari Weschlet Rubeck portraitShari Weschler Rubeck’s work derives from her background as a dancer and growing up in a family that was well tuned in to live NYC theatre and dance. Her grandmother was a ballerina who danced with Balanchine, and Shari spent time back stage drinking in the wonder of character transformation.

I use a variety of live models (with engaging wardrobes & personalities) and life studies while being inspired by various fashion media and historical research.  Each piece is meticulously visualized, organized and translated into a unique creation.  I am a ‘mixologist’. As an artist, I am rarely satisfied and never bored.    I fluctuate between giving color & detail to the areas surrounding my characters and leaving them alone in their space.  Negative space is carefully considered and expresses tension, while also allowing for areas of visual repose.

The works included in this exhibit represent parts of the whole, various aspects of humanness; the Ego, Communicator, Performer and Animal. Four continuing series represent these aspects. Occasionally, I ponder narrowing my expression to a single subject and producing work that revolves strictly around that center – but there is too much to say.”

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