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  1. Sharon Hind-Smith says:

    Amazing work!

  2. Kathy felch says:

    can’t wait to see Ted….so happy I saw this!

  3. Beth Henderson says:

    I LOVE David’s work and look forward to seeing his show and hearing his talk. He’s an artist who is so very generous of spirit and knowledge. We’re fortunate, in mid-coast Maine, to be able to enjoy his presence and constant contributions to the Maine world of art.
    Thank you for recognizing his excellent art works and his human goodness.

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  5. Vicky Sears says:

    Lavish use of color…exuberant…an exciting new collection. I love it.

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  7. Stephen says:

    David, beautiful paintings!

    Read your piece on creativity, agree totally with the liberation to color, forms and composition!

    Still have that portrait I did?

    Highest and best regards.

  8. Karen Estey says:

    See the attached review of David’s work in the Sunday Telegram by Daniel Kany.

  9. Susan Danly says:

    We would like to post a link to this article and images on our website. Can you send me the proper address to do so. Thanks.

    Susan Danly
    President, Monhegan Artists’s Residency Board.

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  12. Sandra Ruch says:

    Sounds fascinating. Looking forward to attending.
    Sandra Ruch

  13. David Estey says:

    Looks like a super show – three excellent artists with something to say.

  14. Marilyn says:

    Wow John, when I look at one of your paintings I’m aware of kind of a ‘heavy feeling of nostalgia/longing for ‘that time’/ melancholy too–and I’m not sure if I’ve completely described it….and I felt somehow a lonely feeling too. When I read more about your work in the summary of it on the gallery’s page I’m sorta surprised that maybe I’m not alone in ‘this’ after all…..

  15. corinne wilson says:

    These are fantastic, vibrant and free with an exclusive technique he can claim as his own.
    Love them. Looking forward to the show.

  16. Magi Leland says:

    Your spirit is an inspiration, and invites this artist to dig for a deeper artistic expression.
    Thank you!
    Magi Leland