America Martin – America’s Maine – Opens Friday, August 30, 2013.


America Martin on Spruce Head Island, Maine

America Martin on Spruce Head Island, Maine, photographing subjects for our upcoming show of the people of Maine.

On Friday, August 30, we will unveil “America’s Maine” – paintings of the people and places of the Maine Coast. The images were collected over the past three years by America and cinematographers Ross Richardson and Rachel Elias.

America literally worked from sunrise to moonrise to capture the essence of the worker, the vacationer, the sailor….. the boatyard dog. The finished paintings reflect the feistiness and the quiet strength that calls folks to return here.

In her search to find what would end up being paintings, America seemingly approached people out of nowhere. Down dirt driveways, on piers, and along the street – sporting a baseball cap, flip flops and a camera – she would chat up even the most reserved personalities without restraint. What was astounding is that they seemed to want her around – they wanted to be heard and paid attention to. Folks stood tall in front of the camera, proud of what they do and who they are. After a while, they would go about their business, and America would linger on in the background, forgotten, to continue her work.

America Martin "Sea Cat & The Lobsterman" 34 x 67 Oil and acrylic on canvas

America Martin “Sea Cat & The Lobsterman” 34 x 67 Oil and acrylic on canvas


The images are compelling, curious, contemplative, and even amusing. From children playing and fishing to hard working men, women and street musicians, these works show how people live and enjoy the place some of us are lucky enough to call home.

There will be 14 paintings in oil and acrylic on canvas and 22 pieces on paper. The gallery will open both floors of the space for this work exclusively.

America will be in the gallery on Friday evening, August 30, from 5 – 8 PM for the opening reception. She will be back the next day, Saturday, August 31, at 1:00 for an artist’s talk and Q & A session.

Refreshments will be served at both events.

Show will hang through Tuesday, October 8, 2013.


America is looking forward to seeing old friends, meeting her new collectors, and introducing this new body of work to people. Please join us. This promises to be a wonderful show from a remarkable force of an artist. We have been looking forward to it since the first click of the shutter.


America Martin "Song for the Proud Red Fish" 27 x 44

America Martin “Song for the Proud Red Fish” 27 x 44

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