America Martin, Suzanne Siegel, Jennifer Knaus, J. Fred Woell opens Friday, July 7, 2017

Carver Hill  is pleased to show brand new work from many of our gallery artists for the First Friday Artwalk, July 6, 2017. Gallery hours for the walk are 5 – 8 pm. Show runs through July 31st 2017.

America Martin "Jumping in the Sea III" Ink on Paper 10x10 inches 2017

America Martin “Jumping in the Sea III” Ink on Paper 10×10 inches 2017

Colombian American artist America Martin will show her new oil and acrylic paintings of fisherman, and her drawings on paper will feature swimmers. America is a young, Los Angeles based artist who is widely collected internationally. Her distinctive style mixes abstract and indigenous motifs of African, South American, and European cultures. Her depictions are created with bold lines, beautiful combinations of colors, and strong compositions. Her works on canvas are typically large, with a few simple lines defining the subject. Though minimal in detail, her ability to create gesture and emotion is stunning. America’s work is often compared to the mid-century masters and she credits her Columbian roots for her aesthetic. Two art books of her work have been published, and she has been featured in nearly 100 articles, radio and talk shows.

America Martin Seagull and Lobster 2017 Oil and Acrylic on canvas 48 x 36

America Martin Seagull and Lobster 2017 Oil and Acrylic on canvas 48 x 36

Jennifer Knaus has just finished new, intriguing paintings in oil and egg tempera of flora atop Renaissance style portraits. “My imagery comes from a desire to combine two unrelated genres from art history: Portraiture and still life. I am most inspired by Northern Renaissance portraits and Dutch 17th century still-life. The beautiful chaos of my back yard at the height of summer and the local farmer’s market are my immediate resources for the flora, and my friends and family serve as models for the portraits.” Jennifer’s work was slected for the cover of Art New England in 2016.

Jennifer Knaus "Daisy Head" 10 x 8 egg tempera on panel

Jennifer Knaus “Daisy Head” 10 x 8 egg tempera on panel

Suzanne Siegel has created colorful collages of interiors, landscapes and abstracted seascapes for this current exhibition. Suzanne’s compositions are minimalistic and strong, but not necessarily straight forward. There is frequently an element of surprise, as she ventures off of the paper and onto the mat, or cuts a shape to lead your eye around the work more. She takes long walks and makes drawings and notes as she goes searching for visual ideas that communicate arrangements of the elements in around her. With a strong interest in rugged working harbors and the ever changing  tidal coast, Suzanne creates her small works to communicate a sense of the environment by using as little artistic information as possible. Suzanne is an art mentor and teaches workshops all over the Northeast. She has a BFA and an MFA in painting and visual arts.

Suzanne Siegel "Abstract VIII" Mixed Media Collage on Paper 2017

Suzanne Siegel “Abstract VIII” Mixed Media Collage on Paper 2017

Carver Hill will also feature some very important works from J. Fred Woell, who passed away in 2015 at the age of 81. Fred was a pioneer in assemblage art who inspired generations of students through positions at Boston University, Swain School of Design, Haystack and SUNY/New Paltz – many of whom acknowledge Fred as their most influential mentor. The work in this show speaks of Fred’s sometimes humorous response to a world obsessed with consumption and the problems it leaves us with, the politics of politics, power and domination, and the absurdity of some of our idols. “My work is about striving and survival. The pieces and parts I fuse into the assemblages add up to stories about what we live by and what we disregard in our wake towards achieving pleasure and fulfilling goals. Working with found objects is interesting because they have no intrinsic value, which allows more freedom in how you use them.”

J. Fred Woell 5th Business 8 x 8 assemblage with handmade mahogany frame

J. Fred Woell 5th Business 8 x 8 assemblage with handmade mahogany frame

J Fred Woell held a Master of Fine arts Degrees from the University of Illinois, Champaign-Urbana, the University of Wisconsin at Madison and Cranbrook Academy. Several of his works are in the permanent collections of the American Craft Museum and the Renwick Gallery of the Smithsonian. He is noted as one of the top 50 American artistic cultural contributors of his generation. Carver Hill will feature Fred’s limited remaining small assemblages and his cast silver jewelry.

J. Fred Woell "Fly Right" 3 x 2 inches cast sterling silver assemblage pin with moonstone cabochon

J. Fred Woell “Fly Right” 3 x 2 inches cast sterling silver assemblage pin with moonstone cabochon

Show runs through July 31st 2017.


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