AMERICA MARTIN: Through the Eyes of America – Opens Aug. 3, 2012

America Martin "Blue Guitar" 35" x 61" Oil and Acrylic on Canvas

America Martin “Blue Guitar” 35″ x 61″ Oil and Acrylic on Canvas

Back By Popular Demand: Carver Hill Gallery, 338 Main Street in Rockland, Maine, enthusiastically announces our second street level solo show for artist America Martin. “Through the Eyes of America” will open for the First Friday Art Walk on August 3, from 5 – 8 P.M. The gallery will also host an artist’s talk and Q & A at 2:00 the next day (*Note this time has changed from 1:00 due to the morning parade!) – Saturday the 4th – followed by a reception until 3:30.

America Martin is a young, Columbian Born artist residing in Los Angeles who is recognized as a prolific, formidable-force-of-a-painter; as exciting to watch paint as the pieces themselves are to view.

“Through the Eyes of America” is an intentionally non-thematic show co-curated by gallery owner Jana Halwick and America Martin. Rather than dictate a subject matter, the two strived for complete freedom of inspiration, allowing Martin’s sense of perception to lure the viewer in to the beauty that is her world.

“By the Pond II” is a vibrant labyrinth of line and color inspired by Diana – the goddess of the hunt, the moon and childbirth – bathing by a Pond with her attendants. Bold, intentional marks confidently create the powerful expressions on the subject’s faces while Martin’s remarkable ability to depict emotion, with just a few lines, is clearly evident. Two women with full lips gaze seductively at the viewer while one, with her hand shyly covering her mouth, looks away over your shoulder. The visual plane is typically shallow in Martin’s work, but her use of black and other shadow colors in this piece creates the illusion of depth, tempering all of the energetic movement created by the line, form, and intense color.

“Blue Guitar” is a wonderfully audible painting of a man in a cowboy hat sitting on a stool playing a guitar. It is a bold piece, appropriately painted in shades of cobalt and sky blue with tangerine orange defining some of the structure. A shock of pale yellow warming the front of the subject suggests light, and importance. A child-like car moving off of the top of the canvas implies that this man is accessible.

Modernist….muralist…. expressionist…. have all been used to describe America. There is so much comfort and familiarity in her art that we feel the need to *place* her somewhere, but America Martin is uniquely herself. Her work is mature, powerful and compelling enough to keep one lingering. “Through the Eyes of America” is a like a sensuous meal prepared by a skilled chef, using ingredients that have been around for centuries; the flavors continue to emerge.

Show will run through September 12, 2012.

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