Christine Lafuente and Philip Frey opens Friday, 8/4/17!

On First Friday, August 4th, Carver Hill Gallery will open the two person show Christine Lafuente and Philip Frey. Friday Art Walk hours are 5 – 8 pm, and both artists will be present.

CHRISTINE LAFUENTE’s paintings are loosely rendered suggestive works with wide brushstrokes and beautiful light. Her compositions are simple and elegant, typically referring to delicate flowers placed in a vase on a table with utilitarian items next to them, almost taking their mundane or routine use to another level by showing reverence with a beautiful creation of nature. Her landscapes and seascapes favor a subtle light, and capture the deep blue and dark grey of the Maine shore. Wide fields of color sweep the canvas, suggesting movement as well as hue.

Christine Lafuente Daffodils, Black Cup, and Jars of Pigments 10x10 oil on linen

Christine Lafuente Daffodils, Black Cup, and Jars of Pigments 10×10 oil on linen

In her words, “Trained in working from life, I take inspiration from visual experiences of nature- living, breathing, changing nature. Whether painting outdoors by the sea or on a city rooftop, or indoors from the still life, I work exclusively by natural light because of the way it creates and dissolves forms into color fields and tonal notes. A painting should be a poetic response to a visual experience. I often work in series as a way to play with composition, and have found that I often return to subjects again and again as a way to mark the passing of time.”

Christine Lafuente Acadian Cove 12x12 oil on linen

Christine Lafuente Acadian Cove 12×12 oil on linen

For more information about Christine Lafuente and to see available works CLICK HERE!~

PHILIP FREY is a visual artist living in Maine, who is known for his color saturated landscapes and vibrant domestic interiors. More recently, he has added figures to his repertoire, with an expressive subject frequently gesturing or moving in a moment captured in time. In some works, Phil melds his interior worlds with his figures, creating a more complex relationship and story. His landscape work explores the intense light of dusk or dawn and it’s ability to change the hue of the architectural and natural elements between it and the viewer.

Philip Frey "Who Could that Be?" 24 x 24 inches oil on canvas

Philip Frey “Who Could that Be?” 24 x 24 inches oil on canvas

Phil’s painterly style focuses on the here and now, the feeling or connection to his everyday experience: evocative colors, unexpected light and the sublime quality of ‘ordinary’ objects and surroundings. His work addresses our relationship to visual space and the painting’s surface by gently asking us to observe and to look again and again. He invites us to ‘walk through’ the painting, from dark to light, from enclosed to open spaces, from shape to shape…to enjoy the patterns, forms, colors, brush strokes and marks on the canvas.

Philip Frey "Lunch for Two" 30 x 40 oil on canvas

Philip Frey “Lunch for Two” 30 x 40 oil on canvas

My work is about the painting itself, and how all of the elements that create it fit together on the canvas. I am inspired by a feeling, a connection to my everyday experiences: evocative color; unexpected light; and fleeting gestures. Perceptions are the inspiration but the act of painting: the dance between the paint; my tools; my hands; and the surface is the real juice behind my work. It’s about the here and now.

Philip Frey "Big Red" 30 x 40 oil on canvas

Philip Frey “Big Red” 30 x 40 oil on canvas


For more information and available work CLICK HERE!~


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