Gigi Gatti, Roberto Boiardi, Laura Balombini – “Il Mio Mondo” July 2013

Carver Hill Gallery is very pleased to introduce three incredible new artists for our July First Friday Artwalk, 7/ 5/2013. Gigi Gatti and Roberto Boiardi both reside in Italy, and have established themselves as award winning painters there. They both made their debuts in the U.S. this past fall in NYC to high acclaim. Laura Balombini recently relocated to Asheville, North Carolina where she has immersed herself in the vibrant art culture of this growing, creative city. “Il Mio Mondo” (In My Own World) reflects upon casual moments in time where the rest of the world is tuned out.


Giggi Gatti is skilled in combining cultivated painting (twentieth century figurative work), medieval frescos and images from advertising, comics and illustration. His poetic expression is centered in human solitude and the mysterious charm of existence.

Gigi Gatti was born in Gazzola (Piacenza) Italy in 1955, and continues to live and paint there. After a degree in urban design, he was called to pursue a serious career in painting. He made his debut in 1993 in a collective exhibition at the beloved Protestant Church on Solferino Street in Milan. His first solo exhibition was in 2004 at Donec Capiam Studio Gallery, on del Carmine Street in Milan, which sparked his most recent solo show at the stunning Il Lepre Art Gallery, Piacenza, in 2012. He made his U.S. debut in New York in the same year, with great success and praise.


Luigi Gatti The Novice Cook

Luigi Gatti “Apprendista Cuoco”



Roberto Boiardi was born in 1963 in Piacenza, Italy, where he currently lives and paints. Early on Boiardi dedicated himself to watercolour, which he mastered after enormous dedication to the medium. He now paints primarily in oil – on both canvas and board. He has shown in many group and solo exhibitions, and has been the recipient of multiple prestigious awards.

Roberto Boiardi chooses to explore cityscapes and 20th century figures. Most images reflect deep symbolism in which the human figure appears – perhaps in a moment from childhood. These works express the artist’s need to feel the time in which he lives, but also to tap into images of other times that inspire a piece of us to remain time-less. In his words, [each of my paintings, whether they come from reality or fiction, is the related objective of a shared interior complex. The works offer many interpretations.]


Roberto Boiardi

Roberto Boiardi


Laura Balombini is a *been there done that* kind of artist. She has a BFA in ceramics, but is also a fabric artist, milliner, jeweler, and painter. Interestingly enough, she seems to do it all well. Throw creative writing and gardening into the mix and you have this wonder woman of a creator. Laura’s pursuit of wholesome, natural living brought her to Maine 20 years ago where she continued to make art, babies, and gardens until her recent move south, to the hills of North Carolina. Her work humorously depicts life’s trials and tribulations, combining her finely tuned ability in clay work with wonderfully appropriate found objects and fabric.

Laura Balombini "Sugar Train"

Laura Balombini “Sugar Train”

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