Thursday, July 25th reception featuring John Winship.

On Thursday, July 25th, Carver Hill Gallery will host an opening reception featuring works by John Winship. The artist will be present from 5 – 7 pm for the reception. A selection from our gallery artists will also be on view including works by Ted Keller, Natasha Karpinskaia, Robert Stark.

“My paintings are based on old snapshots. Over time, I’ve grappled with most of the subjects that a painter with a bent for description will take on: landscapes, still lifes, portraits. But I feel that I elicit an emotional dimension from the snapshots that I don’t attain from other subjects.”

John Winship WOMAN NEAR A BARN 20x32 acrylic on canvas

John Winship WOMAN NEAR A BARN 20×32 acrylic on canvas

“The atmosphere in my paintings is thick, the tonality dark, the edges and contours not always sharply defined, the faces often blurred or in shadow. These effects arise out of specific techniques, but are also attempts to break down the specificity of the photograph’s subject matter and allow the viewer to project more freely into the painting. The layers and veils of the painted surfaces are the equivalent of the distance between the viewer and the subjects of the old photographs.”

John Winship CAMP KINAPIK LOWELL MAINE 1922 acrylic on canvas 44x30

John Winship CAMP KINAPIK LOWELL MAINE 1922 acrylic on canvas 44×30

John Winship taught painting at Gettysburg College for over 20 years. He has had over thirty solo shows in New York, Washington D.C., Philadelphia, and other galleries and museums throughout the northeast.  His paintings have been featured and reviewed in such national publications as “Art in America”, “Artnews”, “The Artist’s Magazine”, “Harper’s”, and National Public Radio’s “All Things Considered”, as well as on numerous book covers.

“John Winship is a painter of dark and evocative scenes; dreamlike, mysterious pictures of people who seem to be from another time.” Linda Wertheimer, NPR, “All Things Considered

Ted Keller is a well-known career artist from Midcoast Maine, now residing primarily in New Mexico. For the first 30+ years of his professional life, Ted made and sold ceramic pottery and sculpture while teaching college level art classes at Oregon State University, the University of Maine, and the Rockport Photographic Workshops (now Maine Media). At age 53 he gave up ceramics and started to work as a painter.

“As you look at my painting here are a few thoughts that might help. I work quickly. I trust my hands more than my mind. I don’t care what I paint as much as how I paint. This allows me freedom to paint whatever interests me at the time. The paintings proceed without much revision. I have mostly worked in watercolor which does not often reward reworking. My paintings do not get better with more time, refinements, and worry. I make paintings spontaneously for better or worse and get on to the next one. I approach the oil paintings in the same way as the watercolors. I am more interested in the process of art than the product, and for that reason I believe I can make a good painting when that freedom brings everything together just right.”

Ted Keller DOWN BOWERY STREET NYC 40x72 oil on canvas

Ted Keller DOWN BOWERY STREET NYC 40×72 oil on canvas

Show runs through September 3, 2019

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