Megan Hinton: “Middle Site” Opens July 6, 2012

Megan Hinton “Regatta I”

We are very pleased to announce the First Friday solo show opening for Megan Hinton on July 6, 2012 from 5 – 8 P.M. The gallery will also host an artist’s talk the following day, Saturday, July 7, at 1:00 P.M. There will be a reception with the artist and a Q & A sessions following the discussion.

We feel extremely fortunate to have this incredible artist on board at the gallery this summer. In Hinton’s words about her work, “This recent body of work depicting scenes around my nautical surroundings, swimmers, wharfs, schools of fish, flocks of birds, and fleets of boats, is an expansion of the style I’ve been working on for some years now. It displays the importance I place on depicting my environment in a lyrical painterly fashion to reposition how we typically see. This work evidences a dynamic surface due to a variety of paint applications: washes of large brushwork, dripping paint, and thick slabs of pigment.  These technical applications also create a play of the non-objective versus the real, surface flatness versus illusionary depth, and local versus non-local color.  Overall these painting techniques help maintain an emotional tension while still striving for compositional balance.

These paintings arise from the location between memory and experience; they occupy a
chronological and spatial “middle site,” before the emotional nostalgic memory, but after the experience of seeing.  In the studio I too occupy the middle site between the original location of conceit and the ultimate location of the work hanging on the wall for viewer
interaction. I rely on the experience of the scene and a mental backlog of imagery to tap into a more intuitive painting process.  While imagery is still detectable, this procedural distancing allows the subjects to be interpreted broadly, beyond their immediate meaning, and opens up the viewer to a series of multiple interpretations. The viewer is capable of experiencing the middle point between reality and abstraction – materially, spatially, and metaphysically.”

Megan Hinton “Hill Flock”








Solo show will hang through August 1.


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