Next Opening Thursday, June 20th! Featuring Philip Frey, America Martin, Kate Fitzgerald.

On Thursday, June 20th, 2019 from 5 – 7 pm Carver Hill Gallery will feature 2019 work and never-before-seen archived work from 2011-2015 by America Martin. The gallery will also feature Maine artists Philip Frey and Kate FItzgerald. Show runs through July 20th.

America Martin’s work, past and present, is a welcome assault on our senses, and with each new piece she seems determined to raise the stakes, blitzkrieging any assumptions we might impose or any containment we might devise. Not one who glares or gloats or rails…her greatest tool is reflection, and through intense observation she finds enrichment in the common, fulfillment in the flawed and joy in complexity – all of which is transmuted onto canvas and paper where it lives in human figure and form.
Art critic Stacy Davies

America Martin Man with Trumpet and Green Hat 32 x 21 Oil ink pencil on paper

America Martin Man with Trumpet and Green Hat 32 x 21 Oil ink pencil on

Most noteworthy in Philip Frey’s work is his brilliance as a colorist. Frey’s representation of natural light evokes a freshness and optimism, as if we were being called outside to soak up the sun and the green grass. Frey has a remarkable ability to simplify complex environments into dynamic planes of color.  And, his steadfast devotion to perceptual painting – to what lies before him in the here and now – has yielded an abundance of honest and beautiful paintings.
George Kinghorn, Executive Director and Curator University of Maine Museum of Art

Philip Frey When Color SIngs 30 x 40 oil on linen

Philip Frey When Color SIngs 30 x 40 oil on linen

“I work in both oils and acrylics as they each bring their own set of technical properties and challenges to the canvas. There are advantages and disadvantages to both. My seascapes are more often done in oil, while my figurative paintings and portraits are mostly done in acrylic. I enjoy the challenge of representing the human figure in a simply, stylized manner. The gracefulness of line and form stems from my infatuation with painters such as Modigliani and the early works of Picasso. My love of music is a great inspiration for my work. Not only subjectively, as the depiction of performing musicians, but in the lyrical movement of line and light within the piece. However, I feel that composition is the utmost and foremost aspect of a good work of art. A well-balanced design exuding a sense of ease and serenity is that for which I strive.”
Kate Fitzgerald, painter.

Kate Fitzgerald Guitar Player 22x27 oil on canvas 3200

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