Friday,10/19/18, Reception featuring TED KELLER

Carver Hill Gallery, 28 Bayview Street in Camden, will host a reception on Friday, October 19, 2018, from 5 – 7 pm featuring new work by Ted Keller, Jeffrey Fitzgerald, and America Martin. More work from our gallery collective will also be on display. Ted Keller will make a special appearance from Taos, New Mexico.

Ted Keller Up Exchange 16 x 19 oil on board

Ted Keller – Up Exchange – 16 x 19 oil on board

Ted Keller’s paintings are loose, directly painted, colorful, full of life and sometimes a little quirky. Ted’s one-liner artist statement is “I hope the Love shows”. Ted lived in mid-coast Maine for over thirty five years before moving to Taos New Mexico in 2009. He maintains a house in Union, Maine in order to keep a connection with the mid-coast area. Ted has a BFA in ceramics and painting from Syracuse University, and an MFA in ceramics from the University of Montana. He taught college level art classes for over 20 years at Oregon State University, the University of Maine, and the Rockport Photo Workshop. His work can be found on the walls of interesting people worldwide.

“As you look at my paintings here are a few thoughts that might help. I work quickly. I trust my hands more than my mind. I don’t care what I paint as much as how I paint. This allows me freedom to paint whatever interests me at the time. The paintings proceed without much revision. I have mostly worked in watercolor which does not often reward reworking. My paintings do not get better with more time, refinements, and worry. I am interested in the process of art and put less focus on the product –  because of this, some of the products are good.”

Jeffrey Fitzgerald primarily paints in the winter, when the yellows and pinks of summer give way to a more subtle, cold weather palette. He paints the way he gestures, throwing his whole body into it in a way that makes you feel the turbulence of the water and the sway of the birches and grasses in the woods. Sometimes he paints on raw linen, adding organic texture and color to the piece.

Jeff FItzgerald - In Sand IV - 44 x 42 Oil on raw linen

Jeff Fitzgerald – In Sand IV – 44 x 42 Oil on raw linen

“The ocean is vast and powerful, but can be intimate and tender. The canvas is a welcome and undiscovered country. I paint and draw daily. The act of composition never stops for me. The play of colors contrasting and complementing is always new and strongly evocative. The paintings are about both light and brushstrokes at play. The subject is a moment at a location.”

America Martin pulls from the stylistic lessons of the classics and its derivations in indigenous subject matter, while redefining what it is to combine abstract and indigenous motifs.

Martin’s art and personality encapsulates a sense of enthusiasm and hope. While born in the USA, the roots of America’s Colombian heritage deeply penetrate her work. People are Martin’s dominant subject. They are large in size, vivacious and accessible, and seem to burst out of the limits of each canvas or sculpture. Within this pulsating interplay of color, texture, line, and shapes, there is always America’s signature expression that identifies each work as an America Martin.

America Martin -Women Call the Sheep and Geese in at NIght - 38.5x40 - Clay pencil and acrylic on Japanese paper

America Martin -Women Call the Sheep and Geese in at Night – 38.5 x 40 – Clay pencil and acrylic on Japanese paper

Gallery Hours: FALL 2018 – Tuesday through Saturday 11 – 5

28 Bayview Street Camden, Maine 04843 207-542-9895

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