ARTIST COLLECTIVE – Opens First Friday, June 6, 2014.

Carver Hill Gallery is pleased to host an artist collective show featuring the work of dynamic Argentinian painter Ricardo Cony Etchart. The gallery first introduced Ricardo’s work to the states in the fall, in New York City, to a phenomenal reception.

Ricardo Cony Etchart was born to be an artist, but a law degree, accounting, and various other intellectual and philosophical pursuits shanghaied his early efforts. A few years ago, when the kids were less dependent on him and his career was at cruising altitude, he set up shop on the 7th floor of his Buenos Aires apartment and began to put some serious paint down. With a famous Argentinean artist guiding him, he started painting Vermeer style portraits in oil. Ricardo is a perfectionist, and these took him several months each to complete. His early success and natural ability might have led many of us down the road of portraiture, or, at least, realism; however, his incredibly strong sense of color, design, and composition combined with his fascination for people and the human condition led him down an entirely different path.

Ricardo Cony Etchart "Tribu" Acrylic on Canvas 62 x 47 Ricardo Cony Etchart “Tribu” Acrylic on Canvas 62 x 47

As a native Argentinean, he was deeply influenced by the primitive art of non-Western civilizations – South America, Mexico, and Native America. A fast glance might make one think of pop-art, but there is much more to these pieces than quick, gimmicky images.

Diane Bowie Zaitlin has a beautiful, almost child-like way of seeing form. She notices texture, shape and shadow in places that seem to hide in plain sight. Her quiet, contemplative demeanor seems appropriate for the subtle and sensual quality of this new body of work.

Diane BowieZaitlin_Ensemble I_encaustic and catalpa_16x20-1

“This work is about focus, attention, and reverence of the simple beauty that surrounds us.  As an artist, I challenge myself each day to notice the wonder of nature’s designs and to see my surroundings with a heightened awareness of color, pattern, and form.  I gather things that catch my attention.  These leaves and pods have been collectedover many years.  They are often viewed as ugly refuse to be discarded.  But when viewed with quiet attention, I am in awe of the sensuous organic forms, the figurative suggestions, the subtle details of color, shape, and texture, and the lyricalrhythms they each possess.   By isolating them and creating a quiet focus, I hope that the viewer will share my sense of awe.My childhood home was graced with three large catalpa trees that I loved.  I got these pods from my twin brother’s trees a few years ago.  It makes me smile to remember that one day in kindergarten I brought some catalpa pods to show and tell.  No one in the class except my brother had seen one. It amazes me to see the continuum.”


Opening Reception – Friday, June 6, 5 – 8 PM
Show Ends –  Tuesday, July 1 @ 5:00 PM


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