Robin Reynolds “Gardens and Tidepools” and Dianne Schelble – New Work- Opens Wednesday, July 2, 2014.

On Wednesday, July 2, 2014, Carver Hill Gallery will host an opening reception for Robin Reynolds and Dianne Schelble from 5 – 8 PM. The artists will be present. We will also be open for the First Friday Art Walk, on July 4, from 5 – 8, though the artists will not be in attendance. Robin will show her new body of work “Gardens and Tidepools.” Dianne Schelble will show her new body of work of moody interiors, windows, and outdoor spaces.

Robin Reynolds "Jill's Garden II" Oil on Panel 30" x 30"

Robin Reynolds “Jill’s Garden II” Oil on Panel 30″ x 30″

The gallery first discovered Robin’s work in New York – in Chelsea. We came to realize that the paintings we fell in love with were actually painted in Maine, and that Robin was a friend and student of the acclaimed Stonington (summer) painter, Jon Imber.

Robin Reynolds "Rock & Tidepool" Oil on Panel 24" x 24"

Robin Reynolds “Rock & Tidepool” Oil on Panel 24″ x 24″

Robin Reynolds “Gardens and Tidepools” are created with potent palettes that seem life affirming. There is an energy in the water and the garden that isn’t always apparent in realism. Robin captures that in her exaggerated rendition of the color and shape of these subjects.  “My concern has not been about creating a beautiful painting in looking at my garden or the tide pools, but rather reacting to the color, line, texture and space between the flowers and bushes, shells and sand, and ground and sky. As Joan Mitchell once stated about her La Grand Vallee Series, ‘What excites me when I’m painting is what one color does to another in terms of space and interaction.’ It is the small details of ripening orange euonymus berries against red geraniums, pink dahlias floating amongst a sea of white alyssum or icy blue mussels nestled between slippery, golden seaweed. These images provide me the information needed to transform nature and weave a relationship between abstraction and representation.” Robin Reynolds

Robin Reynolds "Echinacea" Oil on Panel 24" x 24"

Robin Reynolds “Echinacea” Oil on Panel 24″ x 24″


Dianne Schelble’s new work interprets her immediate environment – the home – and beautiful indoor and outdoor spaces, sometimes through windows. She works in watercolor and gouache with broad strokes that resemble oil applied with a palette knife. Dianne has become fearless using dark and light to express the mood, which can be very challenging to balance correctly. On first glance, many of the works are abstract expressions, and frequently it takes a minute for the painting to appear, creating an entirely new experience with the work.

Dianne Schelble Corner Windows with Vase Water medium on Paper 32 x 40Dianne Schelble Corner Windows Watercolor on Paper 32 x 40

Dianne Schelble takes chances with her work, and this trial and error process has paid off. Thirteen paintings were recently purchased for a permanent installation in Washington DC and in 2012 her work was added to US State Departments Art Bank program. She continues her education with yearly workshops and is held in the highest regard by her peers.

Dianne Schelble Conversation 32 x 40 Water Medium on PaperDianne Schelble Conversation Watercolor on Paper 32 x 40

Show runs through Monday, July 28.

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