Rose Umerlik – Before, During, and After – Opens First Friday AUGUST 1, 2014

Carver Hill Gallery opens ROSE UMERLIK: Before, During, and After – a street level solo exhibition on First Friday, August 1st,  5 – 8 PM. The artist will be present.

Rose Umerlik Transition 50" x 96" Triptych Oil on Panel

Rose Umerlik Transition 50″ x 96″ Triptych Oil on Panel

This body of work is a collection of “emotional snapshots” that speak to Rose Umerlik’s negotiation of personal identity as it has challenged her in recent years. She found that once she began to explore the disjointed nature of her external and internal identities, the fragility of the Self became more apparent. Before, During and After this transition, she struggled to find a balance between her external identity – daughter, sister, wife, friend, professional – and her internal identity, which is steeped in my artwork, solitude, and the internal Self. These pieces recount the stages of change as they unfolded; ultimately into a more harmonious relationship between the world and her Self.

“My art practice is inextricably tied to my personal history. Stories of family, relationships, and self-awareness generate forces of emotion fear, hope, loss, pain, and love that drive me through the creation of each painting.

From the beginning of each piece, I lay down shapes, lines and bodies of color. As I manipulate these elements, I intuitively recognize how the correlation of these elements mirrors my interpersonal relationships. At different times these lines and forms vary in the way they relate to one another. Sometimes they hold each other, or gesture lovingly; other times they oppose each other or interact aggressively; sometimes their relationship is uncomfortable or uncertain; other times they strive for isolation.”

Rose Umerlik "Force" Quadriptych 42" x 104" Oil on Panel

Rose Umerlik “Force” Quadriptych 42″ x 104″ Oil on Panel

“As I move through moments of personal recognition, these moments influence the formulation of the composition. I engage in an extended series of decisions and revisions; tensions undulate on the painted surface, layers of lines, pigments, and shapes are laid down, cleared, and then selectively restored. When a painting is realized conclusively, the surface is necessarily multifarious, the reworked layers reflect my ongoing struggle to accept my history, my present, and to be hopeful of the future.

This complexity of formal elements and process is present throughout my work. My aim is not only to mirror the intricacies of my personal story, but also to connect with the viewer, to echo the personal, emotional struggles that resonate with each of us, and that are present in the collective human mind and heart.” Rose Umerlik

Show ends on Tuesday, September 2. Gallery will continue to represent artist on the second floor, and carry work in inventory.

For more Rose Umerlik, CLICK HERE


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