Season Opening First Friday, May 5, 2017! Work from our collective.

CARVER HILL GALLERY will open for the season on First Friday, May 5, with new work from our gallery collective and an introduction to two new painters. Eleanor Miller will present her oil paintings of plants and wildlife, partially featured in their natural environment and juxtaposed with an abstracted, almost surreal background.  Eleanor has an MFA from the School of Visual Arts in New York, is a career artist, and has exhibited extensively for over 30 years. Her work has been included in ten museum shows, and a documentary film.



Eleanor Miller "Lost Paradise" 40 x 40 oil on canvas

Eleanor Miller “Lost Paradise” 40 x 40 oil on canvas



Christine LaFuente will show her loosely rendered still life and seascape works in oil on linen. Her incredibly controlled and skilled use of wide brushes and a palette knife creates a beautiful surface perfectly suited for her uncomplicated and well balanced compositions with beautiful light. Christine was educated at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts in Philadelphia, and has her MFA from e Brooklyn College, Brooklyn, NY. She has had 33 solo exhibitions and her paintings have been featured in over 20 publications. She is a widely exhibited career artist whose work is included in many important collections worldwide.

Christine LaFuente "Iris, Jars and Strawberries" 12 x 12 Oil on linen

Christine LaFuente “Iris, Jars and Strawberries” 12 x 12 Oil on linen



Tom MacC is back with  his intuitive, abstract watercolors. Tom has been making art for over 50 years, mainly in his beautiful sun filled studio on a rural 400+ acre Maine farm that he shares with his wife, Jane. Tom studied with artist John Roy at Florida State, and later toured Europe’s museums and libraries educating himself in art history and contemporary art. He further studied etching and printmaking at The University of Stockholm before returning to the states in the 60’s. For years Tom photographed the edgy music and art scenes in some of the countries most creative cities before settling into painting nearly twenty years ago. His innate sense of color has helped him to realize some extraordinary works in acrylic and watercolor and we will show a small sampling of a much larger body of available work.

Tom MacConnell -Untitled #103 Blue - 24 x 18 Watercolor on Arches 140 lb cotton paper

Tom MacConnell -Untitled #103 Blue – 24 x 18 Watercolor on Arches 140 lb cotton paper



Kathryn’s professional arts background in painting, theater and dance is evident in her deeply sensitive images. These recent paintings in oil represent myth and metaphor, an area of study and contemplation that Kathryn passionately returns to over and over in her creative journey.

Kathryn Oliver Nightime_Orchard 30 x 22 oil on canvas

Kathryn Oliver “Nightime Orchard” 30 x 22 oil on canvas



After a nearly sold out show last summer, John Winship has brought new “deconstructed nostalgia” paintings to us for Spring 2017. John’s works are acrylic on canvas and have been featured in multiple publications and on NPR’s “All Things Considered.”  

John Winship "Beach" 21 x 32 Acrylic on canvas

John Winship “Beach” 21 x 32 Acrylic on canvas



Megan Hinton has brand new, small abstracted interpretations of the landscape in watercolor that serve as studies for her larger oils, which the gallery also has in inventory.

“I am looking at life,” says Hinton, “Then I take the drawings, photographs, source memories of the external world, and transform them into something abstract — something that shows the process of painting, the marks, drips and layering of one thing over the other. So it’s reality but transformed.

Megan Hinton "Wharf Shack" 7 x 10 watercolor gouache

Megan Hinton “Wharf Shack” 7 x 10 watercolor gouache


New works in acrylic, metal leaf, and rusted metal on panel from Ron Rovner highlight his love for classical music, the natural order , and the palette of his beloved Southwest retreat.

Ron Rovner Untitled 24 x 24 Acrylic, metal paint and rust on panel

Ron Rovner Untitled 24 x 24 Acrylic, metal paint and rust on panel




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