TED KELLER: “Feeling the Love” Opens First Friday, May 4, 2012

Ted Keller “Down Exchange, Portland, Maine”

Carver Hill Gallery is ecstatic to announce the reappearance of Ted Keller in a May 2012 solo show opening on First Friday, May 4. Ted will be flying in from his new home in Taos for the reception, and will be available Saturday from 1-4, as well. He will speak about his work at 2:00, and will be available to answer questions. Ted has been a long time favorite of ours, and we cannot wait to have him back for a few days. This body of work is a combination of Maine pieces, and some surprises inspired by his new life in the West.

Ted Keller “Elvis Twice”

As always, Ted’s paintings are full of familiar things -poles and wires, street signs, cars and trucks, humans, and anything else that happens to be there. He believes the sacred is found in the ordinary. The images are loose, sometimes humorous, and full of rich, seductive color. They are spontaneous, and incredibly soulful. Even though the majority of these works are Maine, they appear familiar to everyone. It doesn’t really matter where they are, because we have all been there.

We invite you to join us and meet this incredible artist, person, and friend.

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